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Monday, April 16, 2018

Tiffin Tour

Today we took the tour of the Tiffin factory in Red Bay, Alabama.  The tour started from the Visitor Center at about 9:30 and lasted 90 minutes.  We actually went right onto the factory floor, only a few feet from the workers.

Tiffin make most of the parts themselves for the motorhomes and they do not start a build until it is sold.  They have so many orders, it takes 14-16 weeks to get your motorhome.  Our order went in at the end of January and here it is mid-April and today they started building it.

Unfortunately, it spent most of the day in the welding shop where customers are not allowed due to safety concerns.  So that is why we took the tour.

This is a picture of the visitor center where the tours start.  Anyone can go there and take the tour, or just register as a visitor and wander around!  A very open company.  Plus you can take all the pictures you wish and that includes video.

Tomorrow, we will actually get to go and see our unit start to move through the 9 production stations.  But for today, the tour was a real highlight.

I did make a 10 minute or so video of the tour and you are invited to watch it by clicking the link below:

Click here to watch the video

It is a large video so please be patient.  And be sure to leave comments if you like what you saw!


JWB2 said...

Dave & Carol,
Good to see & read that your Alabama adventure is taking off. I look forward to subsequent posts.

John Bardin

Steve Pratt said...

Nice, thanks. We couldn't make the tour while we were there.