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Friday, May 4, 2018

We aren't where we expected to be, but we are better!

Well, we left the hotel in Brigham City this morning about 7:30 under clear skies and great conditions.  The trip was uneventful until we were about 50 miles from Pendleton, OR, our planned stop for the night.

It seems that we were going to arrive there about 2:30 after a 500 mile drive.  That would leave us 213 miles to go Saturday to get home.  Carol suggested, and I concurred, that it is so early in the day, why not go further.  It seems that the 80mph speed limits in Utah and Idaho really made a difference plus we gained an hour with the time change to Pacific time.

So we pushed on.....and after 23 days, 5,802 miles, 13 states, 10 hotels, countless restaurants, and a zillion gallons of gas, we arrived home tonight at about 7:15pm.  We drove 713 miles today in a little under 12 hours.

We would have arrived in Portland in peak traffic hours, so instead, we stopped in Cascade Locks for dinner.  Carol wrote about that on FB, so I won't duplicate it.  But the food was just OK, the scenery was great, and the company was fantastic.  When we did go through part of Portland on the I-205, there was no Friday traffic at all.  We arrived home safe, and sound, and everything here was great.  No major problems at all.

This really was a great trip for us.  We went to places we had never been before, met some great people (I'm thinking of how I can kidnap some to bring back here to teach people how to behave), and learned a lot about RVs.  Also saw the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville at the Marshall Spaceflight Center (Part of the Redstone Arsenal).

My favorite part of the journey was seeing how the systems (electrical, hydraulic, plumbing, etc.) are installed in our new RV.  Carol's favorite part was watching all the bare chassis being driven about by guys either standing or sitting on temporary seats with absolutely nothing else on the chassis.

No more blog entries until we go to get the new RV.  Check back periodically for updates!  Thanks for reading.

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