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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Neither Rain, nor Sleet, nor Snow, nor Wind, nor Tornadoes, Shall Keep Us.....

Today we left Sidney, NE about 7:30.  We planned a 558 mile day to get us to Brigham City, UT.  I checked the weather radar (app=Weatherbug) on my cell phone and our immediate area looked good.  It was not raining where we were, so we quickly loaded up and got on the road.

Well, turns out we were surrounded by nasty weather and as we left Sidney, we ran into some heavy rain.  Carol took all the pictures below with her phone as I was driving.

This picture shows us driving just outside of Cheyenne before reaching Laramie, WY.  It is at the top of a pass and the visibility varied from about a quarter mile (shown above) to just about zero.  The real problem was when passing trucks.  They throw up a lot of road spray as they slowly climb the hill.  Your choice is to either go less than 30mph for quite a distance or try to pass them and go blind by their road spray until you go in front of them.  Almost like flying an airplane on instruments.  It was a very tense 20 minutes or so.  We had heavy rain, snow, wind and Lord knows whatever else.  Had we gone one of the alternate routes we considered, we would have added tornadoes too!  I think overall we made the right choice.

Fortunately after a few hours we were out of the rain.  Actually it was just about 10 miles out of Rawlins that we lost the rain, though the picture above was after entering Utah.  As we drove on, the sun started to come out and the road dried up as shown above.

And as the drive went on, we were rewarded with some great clouds in the sky.  When we left Sidney, the temperature was about 39 and at the summit of the pass, it was 34.  But above, the temp was in the mid to high 60s!  A very pleasant and welcome change for sure.

We entered Utah and as we left I-80 for I-84, we had some great rock formations surrounding us.

This road winds through the hills to eventually get to I-15.

Now you can see the Wasatch mountains in the distance.

Another great view of the mountains.

As we joined I-15, we had a good view of the Great Salt Lake.

We arrived in Brigham City at 4:45pm after a 558 mile drive.  Tomorrow should be a shorter 508 mile leg to Pendleton Oregon with another time change in our favor.  

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