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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Half Way to Somewhere or other

This post is just to catch up on our travels...

On Tuesday, we left Fulton, MS at 7:50am and headed home.  We went on I-22 through Memphis, TN.  Memphis did not impress us and there were a lot of signals when I-22 ended.  Memphis is a major transportation hub, so there were 100 million trucks to contend with.  But once we exited the city, speed picked up.

We went through Arkansas, which was the first time either Carol or I had ever been to that state.  We were very impressed by the quality of the roads and the fantastic welcome center.  We then entered Missouri.  We drove 500 miles and ended up in Clinton for the night.  We had a great hotel at a reasonable price.  It had a pool and hot tub which we took advantage of.

Today, Wednesday, we again left at 7:50.  Just a habit I guess.  We went through Kansas City, but our timing was good and we missed the commute traffic.  We then went up through St. Joseph, on I-49 and eventually went through the lower left corner of Iowa.  Then we took state highway 2 over to I-80.  Once on I-80, we headed to Nebraska and ended up in Sidney.  We actually traveled about 600 miles today which is more than we planned.  But we gained an hour due to the time change, so we arrived about 5pm or so.

So far an easy trip with no problems.  If all goes well, we will be home sometime Saturday!

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