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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Only “Way” To Go

Today’s Groaner……Why isn’t gambling allowed in Africa?   (answer later).

As usual, we have been busy!  For starters, last week I rented a Segway and rode it around on the beach and in the downtown area of Pismo Beach.

IMG_2373 - Copy

I rented it from Wheel Fun Rentals, a place right on the beach.  Carol was kind enough to take some pictures of me while I was on it.  I would have taken the camera with me but you are not supposed to take pictures while driving one of these units.

IMG_2375 - Copy

It was amazing how quickly you adapt to balancing on these.  After about 10 minutes it feels fairly natural to shift  your weight to control your speed.

IMG_2385 - Copy

Top speed on the beach is about 9mph and I reached that after about 20 minutes of going over bumpy terrain.  This Segway model had overly large tires – ideal for going on the beach.

Carol also used my video camera to make a video.  It is the first time she has ever used it and I am impressed with the results of her efforts!

We have also been doing our daily exercise.  Today we took a walk around houses in the Shell Beach area.  Shell Beach is actually below a cliff that we walk along the top of.  From there we got some really neat views of the rocks.


And now, the answer to the groaner…..because there are too many cheetas!


Russ Krecklow said...

HAHAHAHA, Dave, you're too funny! Glad you enjoyed riding around on that Segway. I always wondered how hard they might be to keep balanced. You could wear one of your zebra shirts, and patrol the beaches as an "official" volunteer. Maybe they would give you a free rental. I see photos of police using those things in certain areas. Looks like a good alternative to riding a bike or motorcycle.

Donna K said...

Geez Dave, just look at all those tire tracks you are leaving in the sand. Now go get a rake and clean them up hahahahaha!!! Looks like fun and the video was great.

JWB2 said...

Very cool! I always knew you were a rebel biker at heart. It looks fun.
John Bardin