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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Those Lazy, Hazy Days of……Winter???

The last few days have had absolutely great temperatures.  Usually in the 70s, though today is supposed to hit the low 80s.  And no wind!  Just a perfect summer winter day.

Earlier this week, we went for a walk to the beach by the pier.  As you can see below, the sky conditions are great and the beach is in great shape.IMG_20140112_133015_925

On Tuesday, I played golf at the local course here, not far from the RV park.  I didn’t do all that great nor all that bad.  Mostly bogeys and a couple of doubles.  Had several putts for pars but the greens had just been sanded, so they were tougher than normal to get the pace just right.  Someday it will all come together….


Today we went for a 10+ mile bike ride over to Oceano, a town just south of here.  There was an airplane accident off the coast of Oceano yesterday.  We heard fire engines and helicopters heading that way.  Didn’t see anything on our bike ride and we went down the street (Pier Ave.) where the emergency responders were to have gone.  You can read about the incident by clicking here.

Tomorrow, our RV will get a detailing from Rob’s RV Detailing.  We have had him do it every year we are here and he and crew do a great job.  It means we have to be out of the RV for a good portion of the day, so we will head down to Solvang and hang out there and/or at the Chumash casino.

Just remember, if tomorrow afternoon, you look in the southern sky and see a bright light, it is just the reflection of the sun off of our RV.


Russ Krecklow said...

It's doubtful that we will be able to see that bright reflection, Dave, since the sky has been covered with fog so thick we can hardly see the sun. Sure enjoyed you golf cartoon. That's about the way it is for sure! Hope you enjoy yourselves while that crew cleans and polishes the rig. That's a real good way to get 'er done!

Donna K said...

Temperatures in the 70s - could it be any more perfect? You guys have fun while your rig is getting a bath.