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Monday, January 27, 2014

Shifting Sands

Our friends back home often ask us what we do on our long trips to Pismo Beach.  Well, you can’t do something new every day for sure, but many of the things we do here are different from those we do at home.

For example, usually on Mondays, we drive out onto the beach and have lunch in the car facing the waves.  While eating we listen to podcasts from the White Horse In, which is a religious radio program featuring Mike Horton and three other ministers.  It is our church substitute. 

We also often walk to town and around the stores and houses.  We do walk at home too, but not right up to the beach! 

But we do a lot of the same things we do at home too.  We still have to grocery shop, get haircuts, get mail, etc.  The main thing is that we can do some different things here that either are not available at home or can’t be done at home this time of year.

Speaking of going out onto the beach…. We noticed today some large cuts or ridges in the sand that were not there a few days ago.  The picture below shows these cuts.  I’m guessing the high tides caused them along with the big waves (we had a few days of 10 foot waves!).  Will be interesting to see if the ridges are gone soon.


People also ask about our RV park here at Pismo.  Well, the sites are not the most spacious, but there is plenty of space in our site.  The good thing is that the neighboring sites are not really right on top of you.


Another thing here is that Pismo Coast Village is on the beach and yet, not on the beach!  There is a lagoon to cross and some dunes. 

As you may have read, I have made many modifications to our rig.  Probably the best one is the scissor lift that lets us get a view of the ocean at night. 


I do need to put in a warning buzzer though if you open the door while up in the air.  That first step would be a doozy.  I just think of the whole thing as being an uplifting experience.

OK, so the last two pictures are not for real.  They were actually used by Jay, the CEO and General Manager of PCV in his talk at the corporate annual meeting.

But, at least as far as the last one goes, it does get me thinking……


Donna K said...

You're too funny!! Glad you're having fun - and maybe too much time on your hands.

Russ Krecklow said...

Knowing you, Dave, it won't take you long to come up with a workable lift for your RV. Then, all you have to do is remember to let it down before you step outside. LOL