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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Time to catch up on activities……

I have been very busy coding a website for the Shriners.  Every year the Vancouver Shriners put on an all star football game called the Freedom Bowl Classic.

They asked me to setup a website for the players, coaches, media, sponsors, and general public.  Since they are already recruiting players for the game this year, they need that part of the site operational as soon as possible.  So I haven’t been posting to the blog as much.

So, I’ll take a break from coding and create a post here of some of the activities we have been doing.

Last Thursday, while our RV was getting washed and waxed, we drove down to Goleta to spend the day.  Goleta is about 15 miles west of Santa Barbara.  We stopped at several state beaches including Gaviota state beach where I took these pictures.


Above is an oil platform out in the straits.  There are about 15-20 of these off the coast going all the way down to Ventura.  I was hoping to get a decent close up of the platform, but it didn’t work out.  The platforms are not wells.  Rather the wells are down on the bottom of the ocean and connect to this platform by pipes.  There is equipment on the platform to warm the oil and then pump it onto the land where it makes its way to the refinery.


This park also had a boat lift station at the end of a pier.  Not much going on here except one guy fishing.


This is the view down from the pier access to the beach.  There is a railroad trestle to the left that is used by the Coast Starlight.


I have already forgotten the name of this second park we stopped at.  It had a nice day use area with the beach.  Later I found out it was Refugio State Beach.

We then went to the Howe House grounds in Goleta.  The house was closed, but we did walk on the grounds and also partway around a lake adjacent to the grounds.


During the walk, we got a great view of the control tower for the Santa Barbara airport.

Saturday, I attended the shareholders meeting for Pismo Coast Village.  We own a share of stock in the company and they hold the annual meeting every January while we are here.

Among the displays were pictures of the various paintings on the clam at the entrance to the park.  The paint job is changes seasonally.  I took these pictures of the displayed pictures and for being a picture of a picture, they worked pretty well


Halloween Clam


Turkey day Clam


Christmas Reindeer cCam


Monarch Butterfly Clam


Easter Bunny Clam

There are actually clams all around town and someone paints them when the seasons change.

Today I played 9 holes of golf walking.  I actually shot really well – 4 over par for the nine holes.  Had 7 pars and almost had 8.  On hole #2 though, I took a triple bogey 6 because my first shot hit into a tree.  When the ball fell down from there, it was in a depression surrounded by roots and low hanging branches.  Hard to recover from that one.  Interestingly enough, though, about 10 seconds after my ball dropped from the tree, a second one fell!  Seems someone else found that tree and their shot did not come down. 

Anyway, 4 over for 9 holes is fantastic golf for me.  My first shots weren’t all that great, but my approaches, chips and putts were right on!  Many one putts which really helped the score.

I found this item from a Facebook posting by one of Carol’s friends.  It makes a lot of sense…literally.


Finally, for those of you in snow country, this is what you don’t want to have to look forward to for eternity…


Double click the cartoon if it is hard to read.

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Russ Krecklow said...

Cool stuff, there, Dave. Thanks for sharing. Hey, you should get one of those "ForeTravel" rv's. They probably wouldn't let you drive it around on the golf courses, though, I bet.