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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Rear View Mirror City

Yesterday we drove 195 miles from Corning, CA to Patterson, CA.  It was an easy and uneventful drive and we got to the park just a bit after 1pm.  The Patterson area is in a growing mode and each year we come there, we see new stores, restaurants, and the like.

I did manage to fix the last item on the refrigerator.  Now the water-in-the-door works just fine.  There was a loose connection on the output side of the shutoff valve which was easily fixed.  So at this point, everything is working great!

Two things I didn’t think about when we installed the residential refrigerator in the RV:  1)  How to winterize it, and 2) how to empty the condensate pan.

To winterize it, I think I will try to put a 40 watt bulb in the area where the valves are and just pull the filter out and bring it into the house to keep it warm.  Home Depot has a temperature plug that turns on at 32 degrees and off at 45.  I will get one of those and plug the light into it.  That should do the job nicely.

The condensate pan is used as a part of the frost free system.  Basically, the freeze periodically does a quick heat cycle to pull out the moisture and then condenses it into a pan at the bottom of the unit.  Then over time, the water in the pan evaporates.  Most all units do this, but folks don’t know that there is a pan in the bottom of their refrigerator that can, at times, be full of water.

This is no problem at all, except in a moving RV where you feel every bump in the road.  If you time it wrong and start driving just after a frost free cycle has run, your condensate pan is full of water and easily splashes out.

To fix this, I plan to buy a piece of hose and put it on the end of the condensate hose that fills the pan and divert the water from going into the pan, and have it dump outside.  Should take care of that too!

Today we drove from Patterson to Bakersfield where we will stay two nights.  I used to say that Bakersfield is the city most appreciated in your rear view mirror!  But that was 20+ years ago and much has changed since then.  The RV park here is top notch and there are plenty of stores and all to resupply the RV for the next few days.

It is shirt-sleeve weather here with the sun out.  That is pretty much the forecast until Thursday, when there is a chance of rain.  Also, the Riverside area, where we are headed Monday morning, has the Santa Ana winds right now, though they are expected to abate on Monday.

Tonight we are planning to check out Christmas lights in the area and I will hopefully have some pictures or video to share tomorrow. 

Tomorrow is a day of rest for us.  We try to do that every so many travel days to take a break and stay in one place.  Doesn’t hurt that my Raiders and Niners are on TV tomorrow either.


Russ Krecklow said...

Glad you're finding it warmer down there in California and have had an uneventful trip so far. Sounds like you've got that refrigerator figured out...glad everything is working o.k. Enjoy your day off tomorrow. Looking forward to your photos.

Donna K said...

Riverside?? Just wondering? Hope you get some of those great oranges they grow around Bakersfield. Sure wishing we could be out of here too.