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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fire, Fire!!!

I watched the NFL football games today and at the end of the game, noticed a helicopter flying back and forth.  This was in a Santa Ana wind with gusts to 37mph.  No easy feat for sure.

Carol mentioned that there was a fire that we could barely see from the RV.


The helicopter was flying from the lake in our RV park, taking water over to the fire, about a mile or two away.


The bucket he carries looks so small, but I bet it carries more water than we realize.


He must have someone on the ground to coordinate his dumping points because he would fly to the fire, then descend down and dump his load all at once.


Above you can see him dumping a load on the flames.  It took him about 2 minutes or so per trip so he was not wasting any time.

I didn’t think he could do this in the dark, but he is still at it.  Also there are fire engines here in the park keeping an eye on things.  Hopefully, they get the fire out soon!


Russ Krecklow said...

Kinda scary having a fire that close with those winds, and it being as dry as it has been. Glad they are keeping a close eye on it.

On a different topic...we were watching on t.v. an episode of Beachfront Bargain Hunters, and they were looking at beach houses for sale on Longbeach, WA. It was very interesting, and I'm certain that I saw you guys driving up the beach. It sure looked like you!

JWB2 said...

Nice pics of fire and helicopter water drops. Probably started by a Raiders fan burning his Jim Plunkett jersey.

In addition, it was great to see you on the front page of the sports section in the local paper on Sunday. The Columbian calls it 'An ESPN Finish'

Erik's RV Blog said...

Wow, well I hope they were able to get that fire out!

Have a safe and happy New Year!