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Monday, December 23, 2013

Climb Every Mountain……


The above picture is of Mt. Rubidoux in Riverside, CA and it was taken from our RV park.  It is a 1329 foot “mountain” with paths leading to a cross at the crest where Easter Sunrise services have been held for many years.

Saturday, we attempted to climb this mountain.  Unfortunately, we parked near the eastern side and found a dirt trail to walk up.  We thought it was the way to go, but it turned out to be very steep and with poor footing.  We got about two-thirds up to the top and gave up.  Fortunately, we found a paved road to walk down as the way we came up was pretty treacherous.  (Carol may have a picture on an upcoming post on her blog that shows that trail.)

Sunday evening, we went to dinner with some of our “old” friends that we knew here when we lived in Riverside 21 years ago.  Roger and Peggy joined us at Romanov’s, an Italian restaurant.

While talking with them, we mentioned our little hike up the mountain.  Roger said we should have taken the road all the way.  There is an up road and a down road and had we walked that way, it would have been doable.

So this morning, off we went to go up one road and down the other.


Carol stopped at a monument that also marked the high point of our initial climb on Saturday.

The road up is a very gradual climb and the road is two miles long.  The road down, is much steeper, but only a mile.  Since cars are no longer allowed on the road, it really makes no difference which path you take in either direction.  So we went up the gradual way and back down the steep way.

On the way up, I tried to take some panorama pictures to show the view.  (remember to click on these to enlarge them.)


View south into the city of Riverside


View to the east.


View to the north showing Flabob airport.


View to the west towards Chino

It took us about an hour and ten minutes to climb to the top.  Of course we stopped often to take pictures.


There is a flag on one of the smaller peaks that is very visible from down in the surrounding areas.  There is also a cross on the highest peak.  The cross and surrounding steps are owned by a private conservancy while the rest of the mountain is owned by the City of Riverside.

On July 4th, the City shoots fireworks from the top of this mountain and they are visible all over the city.


While on the way up, I got a great overview picture of Flabob airport and the surrounding areas.

The trip back down was about twice as steep as the way up but much shorter in distance.  Even going down hill though, it was a bit tough as you had to be careful not to go too fast or lose your footing.   Carol suggested that it is a good workout because you use totally difference muscles when climbing versus descending.  The entire hike was about 4 miles by the time we got back to the car and took one hour and fifty minutes not counting the time we stopped at the top.

Finally, this little nugget below.  Seems the cows are promoting eating chicken.  I wonder why?……



Donna K said...

That's quite a hike. I remember Mt Rubidoux but Riverside sure looks a lot bigger than I remember it!! Merry Christmas to you and Carol.

Russ Krecklow said...

Love that sign, Dave. Merry Christmas to you and Carol. Enjoy the Christmas sunshine. It's cold here, sort of like a North Pole Christmas.