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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

And we are off…….

Yep, that’s right, we are off again on what I call “Pismofest 2014.”  It is our three month sojourn to better weather!  Although we left about a week too late, as you will see below….

But first some personal updates…As many of you know, I have been a football official (referee) for many years doing games from the youth level all the way up through high school varsity and also Semi-pro ball. 

Well, it has been a great ride all these years, but I think this was probably my last year on the field.  I am definitely feeling my age after the games.  I had part of a lung removed about 10 years ago and now, after some long plays, I need to catch my breath more than before.  I could probably do another year or two, but this might be a good a time as any to move on.

And since I am on the state committee that runs football for all Washington secondary schools, that keeps me busy.  Plus I also evaluate crews from the various areas to see how they do with the mechanics as proscribed by the state.

I may also be doing a few other things with football at the local level next year.  Nothing definitive yet.

I did have a very nice dinner with 10 of my fellow officials, all good friends, on Sunday night.  My friend, John Bardin, arranged it as a pseudo retirement dinner.  (Pseudo, because I am not 100% retired for sure….I guess I am like Bret Favre was…<g>)  Carol says that since they had this dinner for me, I must now retire!

Two weeks ago we took the motor home up to Puyallup, WA so that I could go and evaluate football crews working the state semi-final games.  We should have left right after that because we had some really cold weather come through for about a week.  I had winterized the RV and thought everything was protected.

But I forgot all about our residential refrigerator that we had installed last year.  When I de-winterized yesterday and checked out the water system, I found a major leak in the filter of the unit.  It had frozen solid and cracked. 

So I looked up the parts list online and found a source over in Portland about 16 miles away.  Went there Tuesday afternoon right after lunch and bought the part.  Installed it and then tested the water again.

And of course, another part also had a leak, but it didn’t show at first, because the first leak let out all the water.  So, to make a long story short, I went back to the parts place today and bought a new dual-water valve and installed that.  Now the unit itself doesn’t leak.

All that delayed us about an hour or so on our planned departure.  But we drove the 220 miles to Seven Feathers Casino just south of Roseburg, OR.  We stopped for lunch at a rest area, and Carol found more water by the refrigerator.  Though this may not be related as we have seen it happen before, just never where I can see where it is coming from.  That mystery can wait until tomorrow.

In the morning, we head out for Corning CA.  It is the longest planned leg of this trip – some 270 miles.  And we have to cross the Siskiyou mountain passes.  We are forecast for the possibility of freezing rain, so will need to be careful as we go.

Hopefully, all goes well……


Judith Bell said...

Safe travels!

Russ Krecklow said...

Hey Dave, glad you're officially retired from the field, now. You can prove it, too. Glad you got the refrigerator all figured out. It's always 3 trips to the store when you fix anything, so you're ahead of the game. Glad to see you're on the road safely, and hope your trip to Corning is uneventful. Sunshine from there, I hope! Be safe.