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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Water Buffalo????

Yesterday was Christmas Eve and during the day, we went for an eight mile bike ride.  When we climbed Mt. Rubidoux the other day, we saw the path from the mountain and wanted to ride it.

We only rode a small portion of the path but it did take us to Fairmont Park.  This park has been here many years and is really kept up well.


The first thing I noticed was a new play area for the kids.  Everything is in great condition and with fresh and bright colors.


Further along the ride, we came to a lawn bowling area.  It surrounded by a wrought iron fence so I put my camera and hands through the fence and took the picture somewhat blind.


Later in the ride, we went past the golf course and driving range.  When I worked for the City of Riverside back in the mid 1970s as their programming manager, my boss and I would often come to the driving range at lunch and each try to hit the distance signs with our shots.  We actually got pretty good at it too.  I used to pack a mean 7 iron with me!


At the edge of the lake across the American Legion Post, there is an old “Water Buffalo”.  This is actually a swimming army tank used for amphibious landings on enemy beaches!


Here is a great view of part of the lake in the park and below is more of the lake.


The lake is full of ducks and other birds as well as fish.  You often see families sitting alongside the lake fishing on summer nights.

Today, Christmas, we had to change RV sites.  Our new site has this interesting shrub formation.  It looks like a overly hairy sitting elephant and is about that size!


Merry Christmas everyone!


Sue B said...

Merry Christmas to you both!..that is one 'hairy' looking elephant!

Russ Krecklow said...

We saw something a lot like that when we were over on the Oregon Coast earlier in the year. I think there must be lots of them around. Maybe we could get out own television reality show, trying to find more of them!