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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oddities and Beauties

If you have been reading Carol’s blog at, you know she has a new camera and has been busy taking pictures during our travels.  Since she gets better pictures, I have decided to change the flavor of my blog a bit.

Rather than duplicate the stories of our travels, I’m just going to blog about the odd and the beautiful things I run into during our trips with maybe an RV repair item once an a while as they happen.  This way we won’t be duplicating pictures and descriptions of travel points.  So if you want to know where we are and what we’ve seen, Carol’s blog is the place to be.  But for things that strike me as odd or just beautiful, look no further….

So, to get started, during our recent trip to Newport, as we were walking along the Hatfield Marine Center campus, I came across this weird sight.


From another angle, you can see the whole roof is full of these tubes sticking up. This really got my curiosity, and after some research, I found out that these are vent stacks for environmental research enclosures.


This next “oddity” is from the Newport Aquarium grounds.  They have found a nice way to tell you not to throw coins in the water feature!


Next is the 18th hole at Camas Meadows Golf Course.  It is a long par 5 hole and if you look carefully, there is Spider Man climbing a tree to get a look at his next shot.  He has been there for about a year now.


This next picture was taken at sunset out our front yard recently.  You can see many contrails all heading in the same direction.  The sky conditions were just right for the contrails to last a long time.


Here is a tree in North Cascades National Park that has fallen over.  The root system is totally exposed and apparently was extremely shallow.  No wonder it didn’t stay up!


Lastly, here is a really pretty view into the forest during our walk today.  The camera doesn’t do the lighting justice but trust me, it was a great view.


Now I will start collecting a new set of oddities and beauties for the next post.  So I won’t be posting as often, but hopefully it should be entertaining, in a weird sort of way!  Stay Tuned!


Russ Krecklow said...

That's something I really enjoy about you, Dave, your perspective on things is a lot like mine. Thanks for sharing all of the strange and wonderful things that you've come across lately. Donna is always telling me that I take pictures of the strangest things! Now I know that I'm not the only one!

Donna K said...

Hey, I like it. Yup, you and Russ must be cut from the same cloth!!