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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Golf and Oddities from Winthrop, WA

During our four day stay here in Winthrop, I was able to get in 9 holes of golf at the local course.  I have a new driver that I was fitted for and it has made a world of difference.  I am getting about 30 more yards on drives.  And most are going really straight.  As an example, on hole 9, a 539 yard par 5, my tee shot went about 230.  Then my 3 wood went about 200 yards leaving me 110 or so to the pin.  I used my 7 iron into the wind and dropped it a foot from the hole for an easy birdie.

With my old driver, I would hope for about 185 or so, and would plan to get on the green in 4 shots.  Now, I can actually plan to get in good shape to par these monsters.

You may ask what my golf game is doing here in this blog, but remember, the topic is oddities – and my golf game is definitely “odd!”



This bakery was just across the street from where we ate lunch today.  Not my usual take on the meaning of “rocking horse!”


I could think of many comebacks to this one.  For example, “wonder what his wife thinks?”  Or "this gives a whole new meaning to the question ‘want to horse around?’”


If you watch the show “American Pickers” you will recognize Mike in the middle as one of the two pickers.  Apparently, he visited here this time last year.


Here we are in June and as we walked home, we came across this manger scene amongst the weeds.  Check out the lantern hanging from Joseph’s shepherds staff.  Guess he forgot his flashlight.


This is a picture of one of our referee crews before a semi-pro game earlier this month.  The nearest official appears to be carefully studying the intersection of the sideline and the 50 yard line.  The leftmost official in the middle of the field is praying for divine intervention while the other looks on.


The only thing odd about this picture is that it is not an oddity here at all.  In the North Cascades National Park, at almost every turn, you can see large waterfalls this time of year.  You can even look across the valley and see scads of them.  It would be interesting to do a count of them, but you’d be up into three digits very quickly!

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Donna K said...

Those signs are hilarious...want to horse around indeed!!! I used to watch American Pickers but haven't for a while. I thought it was a fun show. Now you and Carol keep having fun too!!