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Thursday, March 7, 2013

When he reigns, he shines

We have had overcast weather the past two days with some short periods of rain.  Never enough to mount to much, but enough to say we had rain! Certainly not up to the Northwest standards!

For exercise we have been taking walks only of late.  Sometimes it has been a bit windy and Carol hasn’t gotten over her cold yet.  So while we continue to exercise, bike riding in the colder (mid 50s to mid 60s) air is probably not a good idea.

Earlier this week, we went up to Atascadero (about 35 miles up highway 101) and walked around a lake for exercise.  After that, we drove into San Luis Obispo and went to Firestone, our favorite burger place in town.  They have outdoor seating and it was great to soak up rays while eating.

Yesterday we walked through town again.  We have taken that walk so many times, or variants of it, that I think we could do it on auto-pilot.  We didn’t even take pictures because we have already shot all there is to see.

Today we walked over in Arroyo Grande around a park and sports complex.  The walk was either by the park or in residential areas.  We did come across this sign which I just had to capture….


Sorts fits both the weather and life in general.

We have only one more week here at Pismofest 2013.  Time is already getting short and we are recognizing that there are some things we may not get done this trip.  On the other hand, it gives us some things to look forward to for Pismofest 2014!


Donna K said...

Cool sign - I love it!! Enjoy your remaining days there in beautiful Pismo Beach and have a safe journey home.

Russ Krecklow said...

We started out yesterday in Corning with a beautiful day for travel. Sunshine and dry pavement all the way to Oregon! There was some snow alongside the road through Weed but from there it was dry. We were planning to spend the night at Seven Feathers, but it started raining just before we got that far. We decided to keep going and soon it was sunny once more. Since I was feeling alright, just kept driving tip we got home! Pulled in here before dark, unloaded a few things, had a bite to eat, and finally slept in our own bed.

Donna is still stuffy, but happy to be home. Poppy was so happy to be home, she ran through the house about four times just as fast as she could run! Everything here is fine and we are happy to be back so we can get Poppy's foot checked by her vet. The vet in Felton was good and put on a good wrap. Poppy seems to be doing o.k. with it but it is still swollen.

Donna is tired but doing a bit better. Hope you are both well and getting some sunshine. Sure was great to see you guys! Thanks for showing me around.