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Monday, March 18, 2013

Wedding, Walks,

We are staying at the Alameda County Fairgrounds RV North Park.  They have both a North and South RV park here plus at least three RV storage areas.  We arrived on Saturday after a short 70 mile jaunt through San Jose to Pleasanton and the fairgrounds.  We took a long walk out through a business park under sunny skies.

Sunday was the day for Laura and Will’s wedding which was outdoors under sunny skies and nice temps in the low 70’s  It was held out at a vineyard in a beautiful setting.  Carol has the pictures I took and those will probably be showing up on a blog any day now.


Laura and Will exchange the rings


The first dance

After the wedding we came back to the RV and went for a late afternoon walk.  We discovered a path that goes around the business complex.  It is paved the whole way and it took us an hour to go all the way around and back to the RV.  Part of the walk was just outside a golf driving range where we came across many golf balls that were hit over the fence.  Three were worth keeping to use on future water hazards and the rest we tossed back over the fence!

This morning we had brunch with Laura and Will before they leave for Hawaii tomorrow.  We had a good time and enjoyed talking with Will’s dad.

Later in the day we went for a nice hour long walk through downtown Pleasanton.  There are many places to eat here and it is a very walkable downtown.


Main street looking south


Main street looking north


Further up Main street to the north


More scenes from downtown


A view towards the south

The weather is clouding over this afternoon and we will have rain showers the whole way home.  We leave tomorrow on a 180 mile leg to Corning and the Rolling Hills Casino RV park.  This park is simple yet has all the needed amenities at a very reasonable price.  Plus the adjacent casino has a senior two-for-one buffet on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Guess we will have to eat a light breakfast and lunch for sure!


Russ Krecklow said...

Nice that the weather cooperated so well for the wedding! Don't think I've been to Pleasanton. Looks like a neat place to walk around and explore. Enjoy your trip to Rolling Hills, and have some good eats there in the buffet. We did leave some for you, knowing you would be through there. Safe travels, and enjoy heading home. Give us a holler when you come through Eugene, and if you're in the mood, we could certainly meet and eat! Even spend the night in our driveway, if you're interested.

Donna K said...

What a lovely couple. Glad you got to attend the wedding.