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Monday, March 11, 2013

Running on all cylinders

I have had a slight cold on the weekend and it made me tired most of the time.  Saturday we drove out to Santa Maria for some errands and while there, we parked at the library for our walk.  We only walked about 40 minutes or so as my cold really slowed me down.  In fact, I was so slow, Carol was going faster than I was which almost never happens.  We did go through a nice residential neighborhood and perhaps we will come back and walk more in this area next year.

Sunday, we went for a walk in Cayucos which is just a few miles up Highway 1 past Morro Bay.  It is a small area and the had a Sea Glass Festival going on.  Carol took pictures of the area and you can see them on her blog at CarolKsJourney.  We only walked there for 30 minutes as there isn’t a lot of area to walk and I was still not at 100%.  However we did come back to the RV park after eating lunch there at the beach.   I did feel better and we walked around the park for another 30 minutes to get a full hour in.

Today it was clear and temp in the mid 60s.  We decided to drive over to Shell Beach and walk back towards Pismo Beach.  We went 60 minutes and had some great views along the way.


Sunshine really brings out the flowers!


Looking down the cliff from the road.


Another view out over the cliff to the ocean and beyond!


All the flowers are blooming along our walks now and it really makes it enjoyable. 

There is a comet visible in the western sky about 30 minutes after sunset.  We drove down onto the beach tonight to try to see it, but there were too many low hanging clouds.  May try again tomorrow night!

The Monarch butterflies have all left to migrate north (Some going to the Rocky Mountains!).  All too soon, we will be joining them on the road north.

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JWB2 said...

Verleen and I love the flowers. She has daffodills, hyacinth, crocus, and the the tulips are coming.
Thank you for the posts and drive safe my friend.

John Bardin