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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Last night…..

Tonight is our last night here in Pismo until next year.  We like to say we “winter here at Pismo Beach” and avoid the very cold weather at home.  But it is starting to warm up at home so, like the Monarch butterflies who “winter” next door, it is time for us to migrate north tomorrow. 

We will go 159 miles tomorrow to San Juan Bautista just north of Salinas.  Carol is looking forward to visiting the mission there on Friday.  On Saturday we will go another 70+ miles to Pleasanton and to our niece’s wedding on Sunday.  Then Tuesday we will continue north and arrive home on Thursday.

I already have a bunch of football activities lined up for when I get home.  I’m coordinating officials for two leagues – one is a youth flag football league and the other is a semi-pro league with teams in Portland, Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, Boise, Seattle, and 5 locations on the east coast.  This league uses full NFL rules and is made up of ex-collegiate and NFL players so it should be interesting.  Also I have a state committee meeting to go to plus kick off the spring training for our normal football association.  It will be a busy few weeks for sure.

Today we went for a bike ride around the local area and while we were out, the artist was repainting the large clamshell at the entrance to the park.  These clamshells are scattered all over the area and are painted with seasonal themes…..


The clam as a reindeer at Christmas


The clam as a Monarch butterfly in January and February


The clam as the Easter Bunny

And while we are sad to leave the sunshine (though it was foggy today) we have already begun thinking of all the things to do during our next visit in January 2013.

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Russ Krecklow said...

Safe travels to you. Enjoy the wedding, and hope you see more sunshine.