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Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Walk Under the Weather

Today has been a relatively quiet day.  Yesterday we drove our blogger friend Russ Krecklow around town.  His wife, Donna, is “under the weather.”

OK, gotta stop here and go off on a tangent….we are all under the weather!  The weather starts at sea level and goes to the fringe of the atmosphere at about 50 miles up.  So, the only way to not be under the weather is to either be an astronaut or have an out of body experience!  So be glad you are “under the weather!”

Someday I will have to find the origin of that saying.

Anyway, we drove on the beach with Russ.  You can read all about that on their blog at their blog - Travels in Therapy.  We also drove him around town and over to Shell Beach.  We also went with him to Splash Café, our favorite place here for clam chowder.

Later in the afternoon, Donna was feeling slightly better so they went out and revisited some of the sites from our tour earlier.

Today we (Carol & I) went for a walk through town (under the weather, of course!).  We have walked the route several times before and the hills seem easier and easier.


While walking past one of the city offices, we spied the vehicle above.  It is a specially modified vehicle to patrol the beach.  I sure hope it has 4 wheel drive!

Later in the afternoon, we caught up with Russ and Donna again.  She is feeling better, but not yet perfect.  We sat around conversing and about 5pm or so, the fog rolled in and blanketed the area.  The temperature really dropped at the same time.

The Krecklows are leaving here tomorrow and heading north to visit friends in Santa Cruz.  We wish them and their dog, Poppy, a safe and carefree journey.

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James Parker said...

What a wonderfully uplifiting post. Spring has been delayed by so much that I’ve only started sowing this week. I too look forward to seeing those little seedlings burst into life.