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Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Random Walk….

This morning our friends Russ & Donna left and headed north.  Donna is feeling better today and that will make their trip much easier.


The hooked up their car behind their rig and headed out about 10:30 or so.

After they left, we drove over to Arroyo Grande and walked around the city.  We started going on main street past all the shops.  Some were, shall we say, a bit strange….


Please leave your pet hippo home!

Then we headed south across a cable suspension walking bridge into the residential area.  Here is a condo development that is literally “for the birds.”


The day started out cloudy but by the end of the walk, it cleared up and was sunny.  The blossoms are out on the trees already.


Some of the houses were a bit, shall we say, strange.  The one below had a 30 foot high post with two crossbars each filled with all different models of electric insulators from years past.  At the top was a windsock, I guess for stray airplanes.


On the way back to the car, we walked over the Arroyo Grande Bridge.


This bridge is decorated with flowers both on top and hanging down.  All are on a drip watering system too.

We had never walked here before and weren’t sure if it would be too hilly.  But as it turns out, the residential areas to the south are totally flat and traffic there is very light on Sunday mornings.

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Donna K said...

Two great walks in one day - way to go. I like the looks of that condo. We've been wanting to downsize...