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Monday, February 11, 2013

Nitt Witts Wonder “Where did all that town come from????”

My friend and fellow football official, Tom, reminded me that I haven’t posted for a while.  Partly that is due to the fact that we have been busy not being busy!  (I do believe that is the correct definition of retirement!)  Anyway, I will try to catch you up a bit.

We last left this exciting story on Wednesday of last week.  So Thursday, we rode our bikes on a 12 mile ride to Oceano and surrounding areas.  We’ve done that ride many times before and there really was nothing new to report.

Friday was our annual day of rain.  Actually, it did not rain all day but several times when we noticed it had stopped and decided to go out and brave the elements for a walk, it started raining again.  So we declared it a “lazy day.”  However Carol properly noted that all the days are indeed “lazy days,”  so I guess this was a lazy, lazy day!

Saturday we walked the other half of the Bob Jones trail.  Carol took some pictures and posted them on her blog.  Be sure to see the hawk picture she took!  Look for the February 9th entry by clicking here.

The two pictures below are in a field showing the crops growing.  Bet you can’t figure out what they are growing here!


Give up yet?

OK.  Actually, this is a field and in it there are about 200 or so metal pipes, each about 8 feet tall.  They appear to be randomly placed with no apparent reason for the placement.  On one small fractional area of this “crop,” there are some I-beams connecting the tops of the pipes and a small community garden underneath.  Very strange….I still think someone is growing the pipes.  You think that is weird?  Remember, this is California.

Sunday Carol was not feeling well, so I did a bike ride on my own.  I decided to ride through town over to Shell Beach.  There were a number of hills along the way but the Hill Topper took care of them.  There is a bike lane about 90% of the way so that helped a lot because there was a lot of traffic in town.  I was guessing that it was about 4 miles to Shell Beach but it turned out to be only 2.5.  So instead of getting 8 miles of riding which is a respectable amount, I only got 5 from that trip and decided to go down to North Beach State Park and ride around the campsites there and then come back and ride through our park until I got it up to 8 miles.

Today (Monday) we decided to take a drive up to Cambria but to go the long way up to Templeton and then across state highway 46 to Cambria.  On the map below, Pismo Beach is on the bottom and we drove up Highway 101 to Templeton and had lunch there at a Subway.  Then we headed west across Highway 46 which was a new road for us.  Once we hit the coast, Cambria was only 4 mile north on Highway 1.  To go home, we followed Highway 1 all the way to San Luis Obispo then on Highway 101 back to Pismo.


Cambria was a town we visited last year.  It had a quaint small downtown (or so we thought) with some nice shops and eating places.  Turns out we were wrong!


View looking South on what we thought was the main part of town.


View looking South on what we thought was the main part of town.

Well, we were surprised.  On the first trip last year, we came south from the Hearst Castle area and entered town from the north.  Once we got through the tourist area, we took a right turn and got back onto Highway 1 headed back to Pismo.

This year we entered town from the south taking the first Cambria turnoff.  Turns out, there is a whole other section of town with about twice the shops and tourist attractions as the part we thought was the whole town!  The town actually has a population of just over 6,000 (2010 census), but that’s down 200 from the prior census in 2000.  Anyway, there is a lot more town for us to experience on future trips.

We then drove over to Moonstone State beach, just to the west of town and parked there.  We took a long walk along the boardwalk path that follows above the beach.


Santa Rosa Creek empties into the Pacific at Moonstone Beach


This beach is very accessible in many places


The waves were huge, but no surfers due to the rocks.


Looking at the above two pictures, I can just imagine a great championship golf course here following the cliffs.  Really reminded me of Pebble Beach and my outing there last year.


Moonstone State Beach


As you can see in the above three pictures, the coast is very rocky here.  Makes for poor surfing, but great scenery!

After our walk, we went back into town for a few minutes.  We saw the sign below…..


We made the left turn and went 600 feet up a steep and narrow road.  Never did find anything relating to Nit Wit Ridge.  Can’t figure out why anyone would even come up this road.  Oh, wait a minute, now I get it…….


Russ Krecklow said...

When we're on the road, we seem to have a lot of Lazy Daze! Doesn't look like we'll be able to get out of here until March. You will be gone from Pismo Beach by then, I assume. Can we still swing through and take a look at the park? Looking forward to summer and sunshine!

Wil said...

I'm guessing the pipes are part of a hazardous waste soil treatment system. Most likely petroleum contaminated soil, such as backfill from tanks removed from a gas station. I suspect the community gardeners grow only surface crops...
It's a good way to promote community values while offsetting the expense of waste disposal.