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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Great Weather, Lousy Golf

We have been having great weather here….Clear and sunny skies and daytime temps up into the mid 70’s.  Though one day next week, we are supposed to get a day with a 40% chance of rain.  But we won’t let that rain on our parade.

On Tuesday, I went and played golf at Black Lake.  It is a 27 hole championship course and is very difficult.  You play 2 of the nine hole courses and they work on the third.  So I played the Oaks course and the Canyon Course. 

The Oaks course is a very tight course with lots of trees.  The brush under the trees is full of….you guessed it….poison oak.  So you don’t want to search for lost golf balls.  Of course, I lost 4 on that course and none on the Canyon course which is more wide open, but longer and with more sand traps.

I didn’t play well at all.  Nothing was working for me….couldn’t putt, chip, pitch, drive or make approach shots.  Maybe had 3-4 good shots all day.  But it was great exercise and the sun was out, so it felt good to be out there.


One of the holes on the Canyon Course.

Yesterday, Wednesday, we went for a local bike ride to get our exercise in.  We rode around our RV park several times and also the adjoining North Beach State Park and campground.  We rode nine miles and a bit over an hour.

After that, we drove to Port San Luis, about 2 miles up the coast from Avila Beach for lunch.  We ate outdoors at Fat Cats on their patio.

Today we went for a walk in town to soak up the rays.  With all the sun, the wildflowers have been soaking up rays too!



Later today, our blogger friends Russ and Donna Krecklow will be joining us at the RV park for a couple of days.  They are out on a three week RV trip and it will be good to see them.

As the days get longer, it also means our PISMOFEST 2013 is coming to an end.  We leave here in less than 2 weeks to start for home.  Already we are making mental notes of things we want to do during our visit here next year.

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Russ Krecklow said...

Poison oak, eh? I hate it when that's where my golf ball ends up! That's much worse than the water hazards!! For me, I'd have to buy a gross of balls just to play that course. That's why I'm a much better designated cart driver than a golf ball driver! Got a new 16GB card for my camera, so now I can catch your swing in slow motion video, and we can tell where the ball went!