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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Catching up!

On Sunday, we went for a nice walk from the Dinosaur Park along Shell Beach Road.  We’ve never walked that area before so we saw new sights we had not been by.  Afterwards, we watched the Super Bowl and saw the 49ers lose a close one.  At first, the game was shaping up to be a rout and I was disappointed.  In Super Bowls, I like the games to be exciting and this one was looking to be a bore.

But in the second half, the 49ers woke up and made the game close.  And as much as I wanted them to win, I can’t fault the refs for this at all.  The main thing an officiating crew has to do in making judgment calls is to be consistent.  This crew was that so I really can’t complain.  Besides, there’s always next year!

Monday we walked into town, along the beach and then up onto the north side of this beach area.  It was a long walk and we were both tired afterwards.

Tuesday dawned overcast and cold.  I decided to play 18 holes at the Shell State Beach course.  I didn’t play particularly well though and on the last few holes the wind came up and it was cold without the sunshine to warm me up!

Today we were going to take a nice ride, but then I had some difficulty dumping the tanks.  Not sure if I got it resolved or not, but will keep an eye on it.  Then we went to Avila Beach in the afternoon to walk part of the Bob Jones Trail.  This is a 3 mile end-to-end trail, so to walk it fully would be 6 miles.  We aren’t quite ready for that yet, so we did about half.  At least we had great weather on the walk!

The first part of the walk goes alongside a 18 hole championship golf course – one that I played last year and will possibly play next week.


Walkers have to be careful here!


Looking down across fairway #11


The tee for #18 is across the water and this shot is from the end of the landing area for tee shots.


#18 landing area and fairway are to the right.


The San Luis Obispo Creek runs through the course.


Green for #11

Tomorrow starts the ATT Pebble Beach Pro-Am tournament on TV.  I enjoy watching this tournament because of the celebrities that play in it with the Pros.  Since our favorite new program is Special Report on Fox News with Bret Baier, and he is supposed to play in the tournament, Carol says she may even watch!


Russ Krecklow said...

My only hope on that course would be if it got cold enough for the river to freeze over...then I probably couldn't find my ball on the ice, though! Plus, it would be too cold to be out there playing golf, anyway. Guess there actually isn't any hope for me on that course. I'll just keep being the designated cart driver.

Donna K said...

Beautiful course but I'll have to agree with Russ!! Walking alongside is probably the best we could do!!