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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Captain’s log, Star date 2013.0217

Friday we road bikes around the RV park.  The roads were crowded with cars since this was the start of a three day weekend and we didn’t want to mess with the traffic.  There was enough traffic to contend with just in our RV park!

Saturday we went up in the Arroyo Grande Hills on James Way and did a hike into the hills there.  This is actually a wild area surrounded by houses but there is a loop trail to walk and it takes about 45 minutes or so.  Not a tough challenge these days for us experienced walkers!

Today dawned sunny and clear. The park is just about 100% full.  Of the available spaces, we saw only a couple that were available.  There are about 45 spots that they are rehabbing with new hookups and regrading.  These should be open in the next few weeks and that will complete the multi-year project to redo all 400 sites with upgraded cable, 50amp power, more water pressure and new sewer lines.

We took a walk in the City of Pismo Beach hills just to the northeast of highway 101.  There are some fairly steep hills in this walk and we handled them pretty well and with no major problems.  I guess all that exercise is paying off!


View south from this hills


This gives you an idea how steep these hills are!


Cowboy statue just outside of McLintocks Restaurant

If you know your California history, you know of Father Junipero Serra and his missionary travels up and down the coast of California.  He is the one who established many of the California missions in the mid-1600s.  All along his route there are these bells marking the path every mile or so.


El Camino Real Bell in front of City Hall


Close up of bell with inscription (1769-1932) The bells were placed in 1932.

After lunch back at the RV, I did some minor maintenance on the RV including lubricating the leveling jacks which is always fun!  But at least I had great weather!


Russ Krecklow said...

Crawling around under the motorhome to stay out of the sun...what a concept! Hope there will be some open spaces in your park there before you leave. We're still hoping to get down there before you're out.

Donna K said...

Love those El Camino Real bells. Took several pictures along the way when we were last down that way.