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Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Very Tricky Shot….

Yesterday I played golf at the Avila Beach Golf Resort course.  It is an 18 hole championship course and the greens here are very fast.  Plus yesterday morning, there was a tournament so the pin placements were in the toughest locations.  (so, I now have established all the excuses I need).  I did not play all that bad, but had some real difficulty putting which is usually my strength. 

I did manage a real tricky shot late in the round on hole #16.  A picture below gives you an idea of the layout.  YOU can see in the diagram below, that the hole really makes a left turn.  If you can drive it 220 yards or better, your second shot can get to the green straight on.



Unfortunately, my drives usually only go about 180 yards (Don’t worry, I have excuses for that too!  Equipment, age, surgery, etc.  Pick one or more as needed.)  I wanted to keep my tee shot to the right of the fairway as I knew I could not hit it far enough.  But I hit it to the left side and the hill and trees totally blocked any chance of going straight at the green.

So I decided to be tricky and use my 3 wood and try to intentionally hit a long hook.  I lowered my swing plane quite a bit and made good contact with the ball aiming it straight ahead.  Sure enough, it went straight out about 70 yards and hung a left 60 degree or so turn and ended up about 2 feet off the green to the left.  I probably could not do that one again if I tried, but it sure made my round.  Impressed the guy I was golfing with too!

Today we took a drive down to Lompoc  (Lom’ poke).  It is about 50 miles away down on the coast.  We had originally planned to go to the museum on the base, but found out that it is part of the base tour which is only done once a month.  And you have to give them some ID information 10 days in advance so they can screen you.  So, we will put that on the list for next year’s visit.

We had lunch in Lompoc and then went to Ken Adam Park, which is adjacent to the Alan Hancock Community College Lompoc Campus.  It is not much of a park, but did have an astronaut memorial.  We walked out on the 150 yard trail to the memorial and there were two groves of seven trees each.  One commemorates the 7 Challenger astronauts and the other is for the  7 Columbia astronauts.  There is also a small stone monument with plaque for the Apollo 1 astronauts.  We really were surprised to find this memorial here!


On the way back up highway 1 to Pismo Beach, we stopped in the little town of Orcutt next to the highway.  We parked in their old town section and walked up and down the street for some exercise.  There was an old drilling tower that looked really interesting.


But, as we say in football, “upon further review….” it is actually a cleverly hidden cell tower!  You really have to look twice to tell that.  It really blends in with the theme of the town.

Once back at the RV, we decided to ride our bikes around the park for 30 minutes, which, when combined with our 40 minutes of walking earlier, made for a full exercise routine for today!

Since today is Valentine’s day and I understand that the symbol for this day is a heart, I wanted to be sure and include one somewhere in this post……








Russ Krecklow said...

Yeah, well, I bounced a tee shot off a water hole and onto the green one time! (The rest of the time, I poke lots of holes in the water with my tee shots!) Nice shot, Dave. Tiger would be impressed with that one. Hope you got it on video. Keep that up and I'll be your designated videographer as well as cart driver! LOL Thanks for sharing.

I find that the secret to my game is to hit the ball to either side of the fairway, and that way it's kind of like tying your shoes...pull one side or the other. That way I don't ever worry about long drives, because the longer they are the farther away they will end up...maybe two fairways over sometimes. I can never yell "fore" loud enough for everyone potentially a target to hear! I don't allow videos of my game. LOL

Donna K said...

Well Dave, I have to say that is a unique Valentine's heart!!! Hope you didn't give that to Carol in a card...