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Monday, February 25, 2013

A Journey to Nowhere…..and Back!

Saturday we did a 4 mile walk through town over towards Shell Beach.  There are some hills on this walk which make it tiring but we were glad to do it in 90 minutes.  The weather was great and you can see how pretty the day was in the picture below.


Sunday we decided to take a drive down towards Santa Maria and then east on state highway 166 to Maricopa which is on the way to Bakersfield.  It is about 90 miles from the RV park to Maricopa.  The first20 miles or so of the route on SR166 is windy but the rest is fairly straight.  We wanted to scout this route out for taking the RV on it as it is a more direct route from Bakersfield to Pismo Beach and we may go that way next year.

Maricopa is a small town of about 1,100 people and it sits on the edge of the central valley just about 45 miles southwest of Bakersfield.  To put it simply, there isn’t much there there.  The town appears to be an oil town, but few of the surrounding wells were pumping which probably means few jobs are needed in that industry.  There really isn’t any other industry in town.  We drove down the main street which has maybe 10 shops, the great majority of which are vacant.  About all that is there is a Shell station with a Subway inside, and a Motel 8.  The streets are not in good repair and the town just does not appear to be doing well.

On the way back on SR166, we saw this field full of porta-potties.  It is out in the middle of nowhere.  All together there were probably 200 or so units in the field.  (I can’t get them all in the picture below.)


I’m guessing they must grow them out here or something!

Today we took a walk over to the beach.  We’ve done this walk before so there isn’t really much new to get pictures of.  But of course, just as soon as we think that, we see this interesting RV unit parked in an open area.  It is a station wagon with a covered wagon type top on it.  Even more interesting, right after I took this picture, the unit drove away with the top still up!  Wonder how it reacts in the side winds.


Planning on playing golf tomorrow at Black Lake GC.  Have never played there before, but we drove by it on our way back yesterday, and it looks pretty nice.  Hope the weather holds like it is today – sunny and warm!

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Donna K said...

Well at least they don't have to fertilize the porta potties!!