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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Vancouver! The Bounder has Landed

Well, we arrived in Pismo Beach today! 

Yesterday we did errands (haircuts, grocery shopping, camping supplies, etc.).  Bakersfield is a good place to do these errands because prices are generally cheaper there compared to the beach.

Today we left at 9:05 after getting filled up with propane ($3/gal in Bakersfield, $3.99/gal at the beach).  Then we went and filled up with gas (#3.39/gal) and headed out.  We drove 154 miles and stopped for lunch at a roadside rest area.  It is so nice having all your food and supplies at your fingertips as you are driving and when you stop for lunch.  We can just make sandwiches and not even have to get out of the RV.

We arrived in the campground about 1pm.  It is crowded already though not full.  We weren’t able to get our favorite space, but the one next to it.  At first we didn’t think we would like it as much as our favorite site, but it turns out we like them both!  We made arrangements to get our favorite site when the people in it leave, so we will get to sample both.


It took about an hour to get everything setup.  Normally it only takes 10 minutes but when you are staying over two months, we can get more items out and it becomes more like a home base.

We may get some rain showers tonight, and possibly tomorrow (20%).  But then the weather will get nice again and we look forward to that!  Tonight we are following our own established tradition and visiting Splash Café for dinner.  (Splash has the best Clam Chowder according to acknowledged expert clam chowder cuisine specialist Carol!)

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Russ Krecklow said...

Happy to see you all settled in there safe and sound! Should be a great time to relax and enjoy. Have fun getting everything all set up!