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Monday, January 7, 2013

Taking a Break in Bakersfield

Today we reluctantly had to leave Death Valley and hit the road.  We say reluctantly because there is way more to do here than we originally thought or allowed time for.  Guess that means we have an excuse to come back soon!  Truly, if you have been skipping Death Valley because the name scares you off or you just think there is nothing to see or it is too hot or whatever, you need to get past those worries and come check it out.  Early January is a great time to do it.

Last night as I was channel surfing the cable stations, I came across a channel (#62) that was showing a video all about the park.  We could only watch part of it but I sure wish we had known it was there!  We would have watched it the first night, not the last.

We headed out at 8:30am on our 250 mile journey to Bakersfield.  We took State Highway 190 to Olancha and then joined US395 down to SR14 to SR58 to Bakersfield.  I would not recommend the SR190 road between Panamint Springs and Olancha.  It is very steep and windy so you can’t go very fast.  It goes from sea level to 5,000ft and back down.  You have to use low gears to control your speed and it can put a good strain on the engine.  Next time I think I will head down towards Ridgecrest from SR190 instead.

We will stay here two nights so that tomorrow we can restock the RV to be ready for our long stay at Pismo.  They have stores there but our favorite stores are here and the prices are lower.


It is sunset as I write this and the view out our front window is spectacular!


This park is a nice clean place to stay.  The roads are paved and the sites are gravel.  I do wish they were a bit wider, but there is sufficient space between units.

Just a note about comments…..we do appreciate comments on the blogs even if  you just say “hi.”  It lets us know someone is actually reading these musings…….


Cj Cozygirl said...

I'm fact just clipped your route info into Evernote for our travels...told Jerry a 5000 ft difference... his reply, that is a Mile high. Oh I get it now...ha!! Happy stocking up...lved the Death Valley posts.

Teri said...

Thanks for the info on the steep grades. I hope to workamp at Death Valley sometime, so I need all the info I can get about the area.

Sue and Doug said...

just stopping in to say HI! travels as you continue on to Pismo Beach!!

Donna K said...

"Hi". Ah heck, you already know I read the blog. Sure enjoyed your adventures in Death Valley and I'm looking forward to Pismo Beach. Travel Safe.

Russ Krecklow said...

Sorry to see you leaving Death Valley. There are so many things to see and do there, you're right, there never seems to be enough time to do it all. Have a great trip to Pismo Beach, and we'll look forward to seeing some sun and surf! Get the board out, Dude!

The Bright's said...

Where do you stay in Pismo? We would like to check it out when we leave here at the end of February.

JWB2 said...

You and Carol are quite the musers. I am a visual person, so I appreciate all the pics w/text.
We would love to travel through California in the future and your posts make a great sell for Death Valley.
Verleen and I ate lunch over at the Stardust Diner on Monday. It was fun.

Have a great Pimo visit,