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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Red Sky at Night…..RVers Delight!

It started raining lightly during the night and then became fairly steady after midnight.  Never really heavy though.  When we got up, you could tell it had rained, but these sites have a sandy type gravel and the water percolates right through it.

The rain letup about 9 or so, but we couldn’t count on it not starting back up.  So after breakfast, we decided to do our daily exercise by walking the entire Costco store in San Luis Obispo.  That gave us a good 45+ minute walk though I think we both got dizzy from going in the aisles and making so many turns!

We ran a few other errands and came back to the RV about 2:45 or so.  While on my computer, I could see out the window and noticed that the clouds were breaking up and the sun was trying to poke through. 

This is usually a good recipe for a fantastic sunset, so we drove over to the nearby beach at 5pm and parked on the beach to get some pictures.

(When viewing the pictures remember that you can click on them to make them larger and some of these really look good when enlarged.)


Carol spotted a rainbow on the way to the beach


The sky as we arrived.  Watch how it changes as we go on.


A good view down the beach showing the salt spray.


There was a high surf advisory for waves up to 12ft!!!


We were not alone in watching the sunset!


The show begins….


Between big waves, you get a good reflection on the water.


The areas of blue sky are getting larger.


The large waves come in sets every 19 seconds


The sun is getting lower….


Reflections on the receding waves


The sun goes down and the sky lights up as a bird soars along


Almost looks like the sky is on fire


Zoomed out on this picture


Zoomed out even more


A patch of blue between cloud banks


The show ends.

We had a good sunset show tonight!  Usually the sunsets here are pretty fantastic.  While we have seen even more beautiful ones, this is the first one we made it a point to go down and watch.  You never know for sure how good they will be, and the Creator didn’t disappoint us with today’s!

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Donna K said...

You and Carol both got some gorgeous sunset pictures. It must be wonderful to be the Artist and have the entire sky as your canvas.