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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Life’s a Beach…..

Today dawned sunny and partly cloudy.  It rained lightly for all of about 2 minutes during the night.  I did a few odd fixes around the RV this morning including getting a window unstuck, cleaning some rust off of the car towing gear and the like.

Carol had to go get her blood lab sample drawn (she has to do that periodically as a result of her heart surgery back in 2009).  So I did my tasks while she was gone. 

Then we drove out onto the beach and had a picnic lunch in the car.  Looks like a flock of sea gulls appear to be eating their lunch at the same time as the tide is receding.

We were then planning to do a bike ride after lunch but a stiff breeze has sprung up (about 10-15mph) so we will take a walk into town instead.


Our friends enjoying the beach too.

Often we are asked about the Pismo Beach area and specifically about this RV resort.  If you are wondering what it is like, visit their website at  While there, click on the “Quick Link” for web cams and pick the “Square cam.”  This will take you to a page with a steerable web cam after you load the add-on to use it.  It is kind of neat to move the camera around and zoom in on various items in the park.  (Note to guys:  Bikini watching season with zoom, is usually from May through September – though the camera gets busy!)


During our walk today, we went into town and I took this picture looking back across the creek and into our RV park here.  We walked for about 90 minutes which included some shopping.  It is still somewhat windy outside so I think we will stay in now.


Russ Krecklow said...

We had snow on the ground this morning! I tried to pretend it was sand and sun on the beach, but that didn't last long once I opened the door and went outside with Poppy! Happy to see you enjoying the real thing...sand, sun, beach! Life on the beach is priceless...everything else, is just life!

Donna K said...

Nice beach shots! Wish we were there. Wanna trade places haha!?!