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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Leisurely Strolls

Yesterday we took a hour long walk through the Elfin Forest.  Carol’s blog (Click here to see) from yesterday explains how the area came to be a park.  But I was curious what “Elfin” means.  Is there some significance to the name?

I looked it up in a dictionary and got the following meanings:

1. Relating to or suggestive of an elf.  Didn’t see any elves around, so I don’t think this is it.
2. Made, done, or produced by an elf.  Well, I suppose elves could have made this place, but I don’t think so.
3. Small and sprightly or mischievous.  This sounds like the description for an animal or person, not a forest.
4. Having a magical quality or charm; fairylike.  All right!  This sounds good as the place does have a magical charm to it as the pictures below will show.


A good view of the hills to the east of the forest.


Looking over the mudflats towards Moro Rock from the forest.


From one of the viewpoints overlooking the estuary


The estuary mudflats while the tide is out

The entire walk is along a boardwalk path loop.  Getting to the loop though, is on dirt paths from the end of local streets.

Speaking of streets, to get here we came through the city of Los Osos.  As Carol mentioned, there is a project going on there to install new water mains.  Every street we look at had major digging going on and flagmen to control traffic.  I was surprised that a small city could have contracted with so many crews at one time.  Guess they want to get this over with quickly!

An interesting contrast is the city of Grover Beach.  They are doing a road project along 4 blocks of the main street.  There was an illuminated sign saying the work would begin January 14 and end in mid May.  Well, on January 14, they changed it to begin on January 21.  On the 21st, nothing was done.  On the 22nd, all parking spaces had portable no parking signs.  By today, there are the orange plastic construction markers in place.  Gee, they are really speeding this project along!  At this rate, it will be May 2023 before it is done!

Today we took a walk on the California Costal Trail.  It starts just south of our RV park and goes for one mile down to the beach and passes by one of the local municipal 9 hole golf courses.  The path is gravel for the first half and then boardwalk for the remainder.


I don’t know where these tree trunks came from, but neither of us remember them from last year.


The dunes here are covered with ice plant.  Looking onto the golf course.


Looking out over the dunes to the ocean.  The waves are much smaller today – maybe 3 feet at most.


A good view of the dunes with the ocean in the background.


Looking onto the golf course  (#1 green to the right)

We moved to our new spot right next to our old one.  This is our favorite because the grass makes it very roomy.  I was talking to the folks that were in the spot just before they left.  I asked them where they were from and they said Five Cities.  This is an area about 3 miles up the road from here!  I told the not to get too tired on the trip and be sure to take rest breaks while driving!

A few nights ago, I went down to get our mail just before 7pm.  While walking down, I got a picture of the outside of some of the common facilities and how they are lit up.  The picture below does not do it justice!


Lastly, I saw this picture at the local Round Table Pizza location.  See if you can make sense of it.  You might want to double click it to enlarge it.IMG_20130125_114450_727

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Russ Krecklow said...

Sorry, Dave, I couldn't play that course. The wall along the Fairway isn't high enough to keep my golf ball inside the fairway on my second or third tee shot. Maybe that's why my golf score is higher than my bowling score!