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Friday, January 11, 2013

Green Hills and Loud Colors

Today dawned clear with a slight breeze.  It was cold overnight (down to 32 degrees) but once the sun comes out it warms up fast.  Now it is 60 degrees at 2:45pm.  Normally it does not go much below 40 here at night, but today there appears to be a front passing through.

This afternoon we went for a nice walk into the upper part of town.  We are making it a point of trying to get some good exercise every day and walk today was 65 minutes long.


On one of the streets, we had a great view of the surrounding hills.  They are all very green this time of year but in a few months will turn that California “Golden” brown.

A little further on the walk is a multi-colored shop full of all kinds of interesting items.


This is your optical nerves on drugs……


Kayaks of most any color…..


We have never investigated the store above but probably will soon.

[Non Technical Readers may want to quit reading here!]

If you read our blog postings from the end of last year, you heard about our saga with our old refrigerator that led us to replace it with a residential model.  The new unit is working superbly!  It is very energy star efficient and only draws about 2 amps of current.  (That is about the same as 2 100 watt light bulbs!).

The current draw is so small that I have been thinking of how to keep it running while we are actually on the road.  While it will stay cool for 4-6 hours when we are driving if we don’t open it, I would like it to be cold regardless.  That was about the only thing the old Norcold could do was to stay cold by running on propane (Never mind the fire hazard!).

My first thought was to hook up an inverter.  Fortunately I have a 1500 watt inverter at home and I could mount that near the batteries and run cable under the RV and intercept the refrigerator power just before it goes out onto the slideout.

After thinking that one through a bit, I remembered that I already have an inverter built in that powers the entertainment equipment if we want to watch while on battery.  Except I didn’t know its capacity or anything else about it as I didn’t receive the manuals for it.

Called Fleetwood and they emailed me the info I needed and I found out that it was a 1200 watt inverter.  Since all my entertainment equipment together only draws about 300 watts, there is plenty of capacity.  So I could just run some romex from its output and go under the RV with it and then intercept the reefer’s power before it goes out on the slide.

Then I looked through the electrical diagrams and saw that the TV in the bedroom is also on the inverter circuit!  So I don’t have to run the romex under the RV.  All I have to do is intercept it up in the circuit breakers and tie it into the back TV plug.

Going to stew on this a bit more and check a few more things out before I try this out.  Seems the more I think about it, the easier and better the solution.  It is getting simple enough that I may try to do it while we are here at Pismo.

You may not be interested in all that technical stuff above, but it helps me to think it through by typing it in.

More on this exciting story as it develops!

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Russ Krecklow said...

Very colorful day! Those colors really catch the eye, for sure. You ideas around the wiring for the refrigerator sound like they should work, Dave. You are very good at figuring those things and and then being able to actually do them. I wish I could do that, but alas, I'll just have to be content watching you. I'm very good at watching others work, so get busy!