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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Forever Not Winter…..

Yesterday and today have been clear and sunny.  High temps in the 50s but the low at night near freezing.  That trend will end this week and we will start getting the more normal highs of 68 or better with lows in the mid to upper 40s.

Yesterday we did our first bike ride here.  When it is too cold, it is not fun to ride because the motion of the bike generates a breeze as you move which lowers the wind chill factor.  But it was nice enough that we were able to get in a good 7 mile ride.

After the ride, I watched the two NFL playoff games (GO NINERS!) and they were both great games.

Today we did our “Margie and Bruce” walk.  Margie and Bruce were fellow RVers and bloggers and were tragically killed by a car here in Pismo Beach back in 2010.  They used to walk from the camp ground to Marie Calendars, a distance of about 3 miles round trip.  They were walking along one morning and a car from the nearby freeway jumped a fence, crossed the street and hit both of them.


Above is the decorated pole where the accident happened.  Another person died there sometime in 2011 too.

After the walk, I watched the other two NFL playoff games today.  Great job for the Falcons, but boo on the Patriots! <g>


On the way back to the RV Park, I took the above picture of the sign here at the RV Park.  If you look carefully, on the RV that is on the sign, there is the slogan “Forever Summer.” 

Well, so far the weather hasn’t quite been summer weather here, but it is still much better than at home in Vancouver, WA.  So I think I will use the slogan “Forever not winter” which should cover it nicely.


Sue and Doug said...

nice to see you have blue sky..maybe tomorrow the sun will be was a balmy -6 celcius this morning here in Coquitlam! brrr..
still sad to think of Bruce and Margie but nice to see that the memorial is still being maintained..gone but not forgotten.

Donna K said...

Bruce and Margie were gone before I started reading blogs but I can tell from what I have read that they were wonderful folks. Such a tragic incident.

Sure hoping you see some warmer temperatures next week, but at least you're warmer than the PCNW. Freezing here...brrrr...

Russ Krecklow said...

Ho hum, more sunshine with more on the way. Happy for your boring weather there Dave. We love the cold, wet, miserable, grey days! Why else would we be here when it's 30 degrees on Sunday morning! Send warm thoughts and sweaters, Thanks!