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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Double Digit Duo!

Yesterday Carol and I took a 10 mile (yup, double digits!) bike ride to North Beach Campground and Oceano.  It was a pleasant day but still a bit of a chill in the air and a small breeze too.  It was a good ride and our Hilltoppers made short work of any inclines.

Today we had to get up early and get out of the RV by 9am.  (Almost as bad as going to work or something!)  I had arranged to have the RV washed and waxed and so we needed to be out of the way.

So we decided to make an excursion down to Solvang.  It is about 55 miles away (54.73 to those of you who care!) and takes about an hour to drive.  Our day started out cold with temps in the mid 40s under clear and sunny skies.

First though, we decided to go to the Chumash Casino just outside of Solvang.  We joined their Chumash Club which got us $5 each in free play.  So we used the credit on the penny slot machines and ended up with $24.85, mostly through Carol’s efforts.  So we took our money and ran!

We then went and parked in Solvang and went for a 50 minute walk about the town and ended up at a restaurant where we had lunch.


One of the famous Solvang windmills


A view from our lunch table showing the roofline and very blue sky!

It wasn’t really warm at noon, but it wasn’t cold either so we elected to eat outside in the patio area. 

After lunch we took a slightly longer way back to the car and then came back to our nice and shiny RV.  It really looks great.

While Rob and his team were making our RV nice and pretty, they were stopped by two other owners who booked his team for tomorrow to get their rigs done.  One of those is a 2012 Bounder and I will have to go visit these folks to exchange Bounder notes!


Donna K said...

Hey big'll have to show us how it's done!! Always nice to have a clean rig, especially if you don't have to do it yourself. I think it would be well worth the cost.

Russ Krecklow said...

Hey, back when I was a kid, I used to have to walk 10 miles to school, in the snow, uphill, barefoot! And then, take the long way back home! Glad you're in such great shape, it would have worn me out, for sure. Not as young as I used to be when I was younger. Thanks for sharing.