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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2 walks, one mile and two million dollars apart!

Both yesterday and today we took late morning walks in the Shell Beach area of the City of Pismo Beach.  Both are walks we have taken before.

Yesterday’s walk was along another California Costal trail.  This one starts right outside a gated community of expensive homes overlooking the ocean.  According to Zillow, these places start at about $2 million and go up from there.  One is currently listed for $5.4 million!.  Petty cash, right.???



The seacoast views from here are pretty good too!


We never noticed the hole in the rocks in previous years!


This is a southern exposure panorama

Today’s walk was from Dinosaur Caves Park along the coast, then through a housing area and then back around the park.  The original cave for which the area is named, collapsed many years ago, but the park bears the name.  The coast here is equally as scenic as  yesterday’s.


The path that borders the coast is gravel, but is nice and wide.  You can see the Shell Beach housing area in the middle of the picture where we were earlier in our walk.


Weather today has been nice.  It is supposed to be very windy according to the forecasts, but there is only a gentle breeze with the temperature in the mid 60s.  (To all my friends in the Northwest, “Hey, it’s a dirty job staying here in this great weather while you freeze your buns off back at home, but somebody has to do it!”)


Donna K said...

Beautiful scenery, I believe I'll purchase one of those lovely little cabin along the shore (as soon as my ship comes in!).

Oh yeah, your friends in the northwest really feel for you - NOT!!

Russ Krecklow said...

Another great example of how great it is to be an RVer! You can enjoy those multi million dollar views and still move on. Those folks can't do that as easily as you can. Bet their tax bills are higher and their maintenance costs are too. Bet they are not as happy as you and Carol are, either. Your life is a priceless gift, Dave. You have learned to enjoy the present. We are all blessed beyond our ability to understand! Life is good.

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