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Monday, December 24, 2012

Weather…(or not)

The weatherman in this area must be using some weird formulas to make his predictions.  For the last two days, the weather has generally been better than forecast.  Today, for example, it was supposed to be partly cloudy with a 20% chance of rain.

Instead we awoke to clear skies and as the day progressed, by lunch time it was quite warm…..warm enough to switch to short sleeves and shorts!  And to sit outside for awhile and enjoy the sun.

We went to a Christmas program at a local church and when we came out, the wind had sprung up.  That was not in the forecast either.  It is pretty gusty outside now.  According to WeatherBug, the wind is gusting up to 30mph.

Since today is Christmas Eve, here is a reminder of what the season is truly all about……


Merry Christmas faithful readers!


Russ Krecklow said...

Let the sunshine warm you...and don't forget you have the right to bare arms, and wear shorts, too!

Donna K said...

Merry Christmas to you Dave and your sweet bride!! Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas day with blue skies and no wind.