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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

We Go Gambling……

Well, today we started out in Bakersfield trying to figure out what to do with our broken refrigerator.  After some phone calls, we determined that we are going to replace the RV Propane/110 VAC model with a normal residential unit.  This will eliminate the risk of fire that the Norcold models are famous for.

We found a place that could fit us in during the next 10-14 days if we can find the refrigerator and get it shipped to them.  The installers are Apache RV of Las Vegas, NV.  Since we were planning on going there anyway, we cancelled our 2 day stopover in Calico and drove the 280 miles from Bakersfield to Las Vegas.

Fortunately Apache RV is located right across the street from the RV Park and that made things easier.  We stopped by there at 3:30 when we arrived so they could look at our unit and come up with the dimensions we could work with.  They are also putting together a cost estimate for the installation and I am sure it will be several thousand dollars.  Ugh!  But at least it will be reliable!

Then we went to check in at the RV park.  Originally we had a simple no-frills site.  But I asked if by chance they had a developed site that had an external refrigerator available.  There is one site in the park with a full residential unit installed in the patio, so we took that.  Now we at least have a place for our food to stay while the old unit dies.

Then we went to a quick dinner and then out to shop for refrigerators that would fit our dimensions.  Lowes had one unit but could not get delivery quick enough.  Home Depot had a couple and could deliver by Saturday which is actually too quick.  Fry’s really didn’t have anything of note.  Tomorrow we will check with the Apache guys and verify that the unit we want will work and then we will go order it for delivery next Wednesday.

They will most likely have to remove the right front window to get the new unit in the RV.  That will be interesting.  Hopefully by next weekend, we will be road worthy again!

2012-12-19 19.29.48

The Fry’s we went to had an interesting front sign.  It was a slot machine that continually would start the wheels going and show various results.  Was interesting to watch.  I tried to get the above picture so you could see it, but the contrast was too great for my phone camera to resolve.  I guess the wheels came up empty for us because they didn’t have any reefers that would fit our dimensions.

At least we had clear weather on our drive and only some areas of wind.  The sun was out and not a cloud in the sky!  Somehow they had forecast 50% rain, but I guess no one told them you need clouds for rain!

Tomorrow we will see if our gamble in coming here pays off!  (maybe 4 to 1 odds???)

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Russ Krecklow said...

Wow, what a deal! I just told Donna you were going to have to make room for a new "refrigerator angel" but she reminded me it was your "parking angel" hard at work on your behalf. I realized she's right, of course! I would never have even thought to ask about an outside refrigerator being available in an RV site...what a blessing. Remember, you're in Vegas now, so you'll find slot machines everywhere from the marriage chapels to the convenience stores. Sounds like they're coming up with all 7's for you right now. Thanks for sharing.