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Friday, December 14, 2012

Walter, the Weather Angel

This morning we got an early start – 8:40 – which is early for us.  I wanted to be sure to time going through the Siskiyou mountain passes before the predicted snow came.  We also like to be all set up by 3pm on weekdays so we can catch our favorite news program “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel. 

Our timing was pretty good.  The passes were icy earlier in the morning according to ODOT’s web site but by the time we got there, they had warmed up somewhat (35 degrees) and whatever ice there was had melted.  In fact most of the pavement was dry except at the summits. 

Some of you who know me are aware that I have a parking angel named Angelo.  Angelo helps me always get great parking spaces no matter how crowded the parking lots are.  Usually I can drive right up to the entrance and there will be a spot there waiting for me.  Drives others crazy to see it happen so consistently.

So now I think I have a weather angel and I think I will call him Walter.  As you can see in the pictures below, Walter did good on his first day on the job.

pic 1

The roads up & down the mountains were in good shape!

pic 2

The summits of the passes had some snow but not much

So today we arrived at Rolling Hills Casino and RV Park at about 2:30.  The car was a mess from the mud kicked up going over the passes.  But a quick hose job got it usable.

If you have ever stayed here, they have changed the entrance.  You used to go to a small booth at the entrance and self register. Now they have changed the entrance one driveway further down the frontage road and you drive in to the truck area and register at the truck stop office.  Then you can drive in and just pick any site.  Hint:  Sites nearest the truck stop office have the best Wi-Fi signal.

2012-12-14 15.36.35

The picture above is looking out the front window of the RV towards the southwest.  You can’t see the coastal mountains too well in the picture but we are in a valley that is pretty much between the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Coastal range.  This valley starts at about Redding and goes all the way south past Bakersfield.

We will stay here three nights.  Not sure what we are doing tomorrow yet but Sunday I like to stay put so I can watch my football games.  And as a special treat this week, the 49ers play a key game Sunday night so that will make for a great football day.

The forecast for tomorrow is for a good chance of rain.  But if it doesn’t rain, I may take a few minutes and lubricate the power jacks and other exterior items.


Donna K said...

Oh yes, we saw in person how the Angel Angelo works!! Glad you have Walter on board now too. Travel safe.

Russ Krecklow said...

Walter is lots better than Al, on Good Morning America. He should get his own show on the weather channel. Glad you made it with dry pavement. Enjoy the good eats there in the Casino, and take lots of photos to share. We're riding along with you, if there's enough room, what with all those angels on board all ready.