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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Time to Migrate

Well, we are back on the road again – this time for our annual migration southward.  Given our home’s winter climate we could choose to be a bear and hibernate or be a bird and migrate.  We chose to go south for the winter.

We left home at 9:50 am under cloudy but dry skies with no wind.  We made great time on this leg and pulled into Seven Feathers Casino and RV park about 2:30.  All in all, a very uneventful trip.

So, what do migrating birds do as they migrate south?  If you have ever watched the geese migrate, they look for water – lakes, ponds, etc. – to overnight at.  So here we are in mid-December and we chose to go swimming too!.  And unlike the geese, after our swim in the pool, we just had to use the hot tub!

Then we went to the casino for dinner.  We chose to walk down a lighted path to the truck stop, then under the freeway and then across to the casino.  It was pretty dark but I did take a flashlight so cars could see us.  We elected to take the free shuttle back to the RV park after dinner.  It is a great service as they will pick you up and drop you off right at your rig.

Here is a tip – if you go to the Cow Creek Restaurant at the casino and ask for the rib eye special, you get a mid size steak, choice of potato, and vegies all for $8.99.  So I chose French fries for my potato and French fries for my veggie.  (fries are a veggie too, right?).  Anyway, the secret is you have to ask for the special.  It is not on the menu (the normal rib eye is $21.99) and it is not advertised.

Our leg today was 230 miles, which will be about average for this trip.  Tomorrow’s leg (and our next to last leg coming home in March) will be 270 miles – the longest planned for this trip.  We will spend a few days in Corning, CA at Rolling Hills Casino and RV park.  The RV park there is $25 per night, self registration, no reservations.

Here at Seven Feathers, with our discounts, it is about $34 per night.  The sites are top notch and many are pull thrus so you don’t even need to disconnect the car. 

It is going to be cold tonight.  Temps are forecast to be right at freezing so we have our propane heater all set and also 3 small electric ones to keep us warm.  The electric blanket will be nice too!

Our total trip for the RV (not counting the side trips we will make in the car) is right at 2,651 miles.  Hopefully we will have decent weather like today for the next few legs, but the forecast includes a chance of snow.  And going over the mountains in the snow is tricky.  We try to time it to hit the highest passes in the early afternoon when the temperature is at the highest point of the day.  So far on all our other trips, we have been lucky and timed it well.  I do have chains for the motorhome if really needed, but I’d really like to avoid that.

Stay tuned for updates as we head for Las Vegas, Death Valley, and eventually, Pismo Beach, CA.


Russ Krecklow said...

Glad to see you had clear weather for your trip south. Landing in the pool was a good idea. Thanks for the tip on the meal! Have a great day going over the hill. We will await your photos of sunshine down south.

Donna K said...

Hope you made it over the pass in good shape. The pass cams showed some snow this afternoon. Just take it easy and stay safe.