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Monday, December 17, 2012

Sunny California????

Yesterday (Sunday) was a great day to stay in and watch the NFL games on TV.  I have the Direct TV NFL Package so I can get all the games including the Red Zone Channel which shows whichever games have teams inside their opponents 20 yard line and all scoring plays.  Great way to watch the NFL.  I also record the Raider and 49er games and then view them by only watching the plays and skipping the in-between time.  Allows you to watch a 3+ hour game in about 1:15 which is super.  And of course, both my teams won yesterday.  (OK while the Raider game was technically a win, it was more of a who will survive.  No touchdowns and 5 field goals).

It rained pretty much all day yesterday and in the afternoon the wind came up.  It was about 20-25mph all afternoon and night with gusts to 35-40.  It kept up most of the night but when I got up this morning it was sunny with some clouds, no rain and no wind!  Guess we are in California after all!

We left Rolling Hills Casino & RV Park at 9am and went down I-5 through Sacramento to Patterson about 20 miles south of Tracy.  We had good weather until just south of Sacramento when we encountered rain showers and some winds.

We arrived at Kit Fox RV Park at 1pm and got all checked in.  It is still raining but no wind.  There has been a fog hanging about 100 feet above us ever since Stockton.  If it actually comes down to the ground, it becomes the dreaded “Tule Fog” which has been known to cause major accidents along the I-5 corridor that often include over 100 cars and block the freeway for the full day.  Sure hope to avoid any of those!

Tomorrow we head to Bakersfield and then east towards Las Vegas the next few days with a stop at Calico Ghost Town for a few days.  Hopefully we will have some decent picture taking weather while there.


Russ Krecklow said...

Those 49ers did good! What an exciting game, eh? Denver's looking pretty good right now, too, with Peyton playing just like his old self. Good to see both those teams coming back to something closer to the way they looked years back. Guess I'm just an old fogey, but I really liked Joe Montana and John Elway back in the day. Go find some sun...take photos...share!

Donna K said...

Yes, find sun, feel warm!! It's COLD here with possible snow on the valley floor tonight.