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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Red Rocks and a Broken Door

Yesterday (Saturday), we drove out to the west of town to visit Red Rock Canyon.  This is actually a park run by the Bureau of Land Management which meant that we didn’t need to pay the $7 entry fee because of our National Park Senior Pass.


The park has a really nice visitor center with outside exhibits and a great viewing area (pictured above).  It also has a 17 minute movie that introduces you to the park and is well worth watching.


The picture above was taken from the viewing area and shows the Calico hills.  The red coloring is actual from layers of marine sediment – yes, marine sediment.  This area was actually under water millions of years ago.


Here is a close up of the Calico Hills and you can see how rugged the rocks actually are.


We actually started on what was supposed to be a hike of a couple of miles.  Except that after the first 100 yards or so, the footing was really rough and we didn’t want to try it and fall.


The above picture is looking south from one of the viewpoints.  Everyone here is taking pictures in all different directions!IMG_20121229_120615_598

Here is a desert tortoise. (This is actually a plaster cast of one that is on display at the visitor center).  We took a 13 mile scenic drive and there were many signs indicating that they would be crossing the road, but we never saw any.

On Friday night, the door to our washer-dryer broke.  There is a latching mechanism and part of it is made of plastic and broke off.  I tried Krazy glue but it would not hold.

Saturday morning, I decided to go and get some clamps to try to put pressure on the glue.


If you look in the picture below, just under the clamp is the part that broke off.  There is a little metal rod held in by a half donut shape of plastic that snapped.


I decided that this weak point should have extra strength.  I went to a hardware store and bought some plastic epoxy that you mix up to the consistency of gum.  Then I shaped it to go over both donuts (one on each end) and let that set over night.


Today I reassembled the door and so far we have done three loads of laundry and it is holding.  Tomorrow I will order the part to hang onto in case my repairs don’t hold up.

Tomorrow is also our last planned full day here in Las Vegas.  We plan to leave Tuesday morning and head to Death Valley for a few days. 


Russ Krecklow said...

Dave, you are always such an amazing guy when it comes to your ability to fix things.

I have a theory about those desert tortoise. They move so slowly that we never see them cross the road, because we move a lot faster. They put those crossing signs up for them, so they must cross sometimes.

Donna K said...

Great pictures. Russ and I visited that area several years ago and found it very interesting. We saw rock climbers climbing some of those rugged hills. Enjoy Death Valley.

meowmomma said...

Mr. FixIt!

I do remember seeing that tortoise at the VC! And now I do think we looked around inside there, but didn't watch the movie. I just told Carol I thought it was closed... my bad!

Happy New Year!

Don't go on Titus Canyon Road!