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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Buddy, can you spare $150,000???

Last night we went to the Bellagio to check out their Christmas decorations and watch the water show.  The Christmas decorations are in a large viewing area that is changed for each season.  Last time we were here in March of 2010, the area was filled with flowers.  Now it is all setup for Christmas.  As you view these pictures, remember you can double click them to make them even larger.


A friendly polar bear is near the beginning to greet you.

IMG_20121221_180734_257The above corner of the exhibit area has snowflakes hanging.  Others have different things.


The Christmas tree with bells and nutcrackers.  There are actually 4 of these nutcrackers rotating.IMG_20121221_180813_956

Hey big guy, want to join my football team?IMG_20121221_181025_232

The Christmas tree with hanging bells


Bottom of the tree with ornament.


The top of the tree (about 30 feet tall) and you can see the large ornaments.IMG_20121221_181242_187

Dancing penguins in front  colored water fountains


A small village of houses with electric trains running around the outside of it.

After viewing this display, we headed outside for the water show that is scheduled every 30 minutes from 11am to 11pm.  And from 7pm to 11pm it is every 15 minutes.  Carol had some great pictures of the water show and you can view them on her blog or by clicking here. 

I attempted to take a video of the show.  It seemed to work OK but the last 20 seconds or so got truncated.  I did this using my new phone and have not yet mastered all the capabilities.  You can watch the video below.

Bellagio water program

I also have some shots of the landmarks visible from the area where we watched the water program.


Here is the Eifel tower in the Paris Hotel and Casino


Here is the Planet Hollywood.

So about now, you are probably wondering what I want that extra $150,000 for.  While we were eating lunch today, there was a knock on the door (no, it was not Santa coming early).  It was the park “host” (read sales agent) coming to check if everything is OK.  He mentioned that there are spots in the park for sale including the one we are in (see blog from a few days ago).  The upkeep is only $400 per month, but the sales price for this fully developed lot is $155,000.  (I’d go ahead and contribute the extra $5k myself).  Just a bit out of our league!

People here use golf carts to get around in the resort.  To show you just how far this is out of our league, here is a picture of one of the personalized golf carts.


It probably cost near as much as our RV!  By the way, what I thought were tiki hut roofs actually have a name – Palapas.  You can by them in kits and the small ones start at about $2,000 (6ft diameter).  These 24 feet ones are close to $10,000.  Still way out of our league.


meowmomma said...

Oh Dave.... you know you wanna!

Great photo's! The display is still flowers isn't it? The polar bear looks to be white flowers. We've seen autumn and the 4th of July there! They are sure creative!

Russ Krecklow said...

Dave, you should make a sign. I saw a guy standing on the sidewalk as I was leaving Fred Meyer Gas station with a sign "Out of Gas - Please help". Holding a sign there in Vegas might get you what you need. You could say something like, "Please Help Me Park My Motorhome".

Donna K said...

I enjoyed the video and didn't even realize the last 20 seconds were missing!! I would sure like to go back there. How's the weather holding up?