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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Back at the Beach

Before we make our annual winter migration to the warmer climates of California, we decided to take a eight day trip to our favorite beach – Cape Disappointment.


Above is a picture of our campsite.  As you can see, the sun is out.  It was out yesterday too when we arrived and we had an almost full moon last night.  Tomorrow though, rain is forecast.


The park is almost empty!  For the 60 full hookup sites, we walked around and counted only 6 of us plus the camp host shown above.  Everything is dry for now so that makes it a nice walk.


I walked down towards the beach and took some pictures.


The beach is covered with driftwood and some really large pieces of it.  I think much of it drifts down the Columbia River and once past the jetties, it gets washed up here by the current.


A great picture of North Head Lighthouse standing guard on the entrance to the Columbia River.

When we arrived yesterday, I connected my cell booster and only got a marginal signal.  I had the antenna mounted on the back of the RV.  This makes it real easy to setup but I can’t have the  booster on full or it gets feedback from its own signal as it is amplified.  As a result, we didn’t have much signal to work with.

Today, I moved the antenna further away and raised it up from about 12 feet to about 17 feet high.


I put the antenna pole in a tripod that I carry along just for situations like this.  Getting it higher and about 20 feet further away allows me to turn the gain up full and that has resulted in a 2 bar signal of 3G all afternoon. 

I’m using that signal to send this blog post.


Our campsite is nice and clean, but the campfire ring will go unused by us this trip.  It is just too cold!


Russ Krecklow said...

Nice sunshine! Glad you're getting a good signal on your booster. That's great. Enjoy your time at the coast.

Sue B said...

nice that you got to enjoy some sunshine!! have fun on the coast!