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Monday, October 8, 2012

Good things come from bad things

We are at Cape Disappointment State Park for three nights.  This was originally planned to be a longer test of the RV and associated items to make sure we had fully recovered from our recent robbery.

One of the things that was taken was my cell phone booster.  It was a nice system from a Canadian company called Smoothtalker and it worked marginally from here.  With the extra antennas and all, I had over $600 invested in it.

I went to replace it and found a better system from Wilson.  I have tried other Wilson products here at Cape Disappointment with very poor results.  But this new system is working great!  And it is $150 or so cheaper that the current Smoothtalker system.

My old system would only work with one phone at a time and the new one works with any phone within 2500 sq. ft. of the internal antenna.  I’m getting about 2 bars of 3g signal now where my old system would get 1-2 bars of 1x.  So this is a great improvement.


Above you can see my external omnidirectional antenna that I have about 20’ feet up in the air.


The picture above is of the actual amplifier that sits inside.  This unit does two different frequencies so it covers just about any cell phone system and you can control the gain on each one individually.  There is also a 6”by 7” internal antenna that provides a virtual cell tower inside the RV for the phones to use.

We planned to stay here 3 nights but something else has come up.  I am a state observer for high school football games.  Occasionally I am asked to go and watch a game and evaluate the performance of the officials and provide written comments to the state on their performance.  I was just assigned a game to observe that is about half-way between here and home.  So we are extending our stay here 1 more night and then will move the RV close to the game location on Friday morning.  Saturday morning we will make a quick dash home so that I can work my varsity game Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile I will need to make a quick visit home, probably on Wednesday, to get the items I need to do the evaluation.

Next week I will need to make some modifications to the RV to more permanently mount this cell phone booster system.  It will be nice when it is all done and should stay that way, assuming the robbers leave it alone!

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Russ Krecklow said...

Nice to see you enjoying the sunshine and getting some exercise putting up your booster antenna. That's a pretty good system there, Dave. Glad to see it working so well. Enjoy your quick trips home, and don't get run over by any of those players on the field. Saw that happen to one of the refs in a game awhile back, didn't hurt as much without pads, I bet!