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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Who Called Scott’s Bluff????

OK, so here we are in Scottsbluff, NE.  It is warmer outside than back at Custer, SD.  That is probably because we are lower in elevation and further south.

We made good time getting here, not counting stops, it took about 3.5 hours to go 201 miles. 

First impression of Nebraska…….There is a whole lot of nothing out here!  Lots of open ground either range for cattle & horses or some is planted, mostly hay or corn.  There are great distances between towns and some of the small towns are nothing more than 3 or 4 houses.  At one point I drove 26 miles without encountering a vehicle in either direction.

One sad note, we saw at least three coal trains close by that were idle, just parked on the tracks.  There may have been many more in the distance, but I was too far away and driving at the time to pay close attention.  And my copilot was sleeping.  These were fairly long trains with cars full of coal just waiting for someplace to go.  Unfortunately, the current government’s policy is to prohibit coal usage which has really put some folks out of work.

The RV park is nothing special but not too bad.  The sites are arranged haphazardly so there are no clearly defined rows.  When we arrived, the gate was closed.  Apparently the campground host liked it that way but while Carol was registering us, the city called them and said it had to be left open!

2012-07-10 14.39.18

Here is the view out the right portion of our front window.  The left portion has the back of three RVs.

Tomorrow we plan to do some tourist spots.  It is supposed to be in the 90s tomorrow, so we will probably get an early start.


Russ Krecklow said...

Have you been playing poker with the locals again, Dave? Good post, thanks for sharing.

Luci & Loree said...

When driving thru Nebraska it seems to go on forever!!! With not much to see really.