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Monday, July 2, 2012

When the moon hits your eye like a big…….

Well, so I can’t sing….but today the smoke from the nearby fires once again clouded the sky.  It was not so bad on the ground but you could see the haze in the sky from it.   And tonight when the moon rose, it gave it a real orange color!


It did the same thing to the sun near sunset but I was driving then so I didn’t get a picture.  Carol tried to get some from the car and hopefully they turned out.

We did some small errands (store, Carol’s lab tests, mandatory visit to quilt store, etc.) and also took the tour of Ellsworth AFB.  This base used to have 150 Minuteman II missiles assigned to it.  They were scattered in 150 silos across 1000 square miles of South Dakota.  4 other bases also had 150 missiles.


Our tour took us down into the training silo.  When I was in the USAF, I was assigned to 15th Air Force Command & Control.  We had responsibility for all the missiles at all the bases as well as half of the then 600 B52 bombers like the one below.


Of course, I made a movie of the tour which you can view below.

Tour of Ellsworth AFB

After leaving the base, we went to the Chapel on the Hill.  This Norwegian church was actually built in Norway and then brought here and reassembled.


I don’t want to put too many pictures of this on this post as I know Carol will have many more on hers.  But she may have missed the dedication plaque below.PIC_1271

I also have some pictures of inside the museum which is actually a small Norwegian house.


Tomorrow we leave for Custer, about 65 miles away.  There we will visit Mt, Rushmore and Custer State Park among other things.  Hopefully the weather will hold and it won’t be too windy or have any thunderstorms.

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