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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Round them up in Pendleton

Well, here we are at the site of the famous Pendleton Roundup.  We had an easy 288 mile drive from Glenns Ferry, ID to get here.  Since we had a one hour time change enroute, the trip seemed even quicker!  We did have a stiff breeze, but it was a direct tail wind the whole way.

We stay at Wildhorse Casino & RV park when we come through on this route.  We know the park well and the Wi-Fi is great, and the sites are nice.  They only have 12 50 amp sites though, so you want to be sure and reserve ahead if you need one of them.

After settling in, we drove into Pendleton.  It was too hot and humid to do the river walk, but we did visit 2 quilt stores.  When we went to leave for the first one, I put the address into my smart phone and it seemed like it was doing well in giving directions once we left the park.  However, it insisted that we go east on the freeway which would be away from Pendleton.  The next city is about 50 miles in that direction and the next off-ramp  would be at least 12 miles that way.  So we knew this was wrong and went west on the freeway and then got off in downtown and found the store.  The whole way, the nav application kept trying to get us to make a u-turn so that we could go back on the freeway to the east.

While Carol was in the store, I was trying to find out why the usually reliable program was all of a sudden acting up like this.  I noticed that it had computed our drive time as 1 day and 16 hours!  And the address was in New Jersey!  I know Carol likes quilt stores, but New Jersey seems like a rather long trip for a quilt store.

Anyway, I obviously had done something wrong when entering the address.  I rekeyed it and it found the correct one right away, so obviously operator error.

We were thinking about spending an extra day here tomorrow and going home on Thursday.  But the weather is supposed to be hot and humid, so we will just go home tomorrow to cooler weather!


Russ Krecklow said...

Hey, we spent some time there! Not quite as hot when we were there though. Glad you're safely on your way home, and made it this far. Try not to hit anything on the off ramps and you should be fine.

Donna K said...

We were at the coast today. Heading back to the highway from Harbor Vista Park, the road we were on dead-ended at Hwy 101. Across 101 was a trailer park. The GPS told us to go straight, drive through the trailer park and then get on Hwy 101!!! Crazy!! Have a nice drive home.

JWB2 said...


I am glad your Tuesday was better than the Monday that you decribed. I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you and Carol's blogs so I can travel along with you and see some of America that I have not seen. Likewise, I am happy that my friends have the opportunity to RV across the U.S.A.

John Bardin