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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rolling into Rawlins

We had an uneventful trip from Cheyenne to Rawlins today.   About 153 miles in good weather.  Once we got here, we got all setup and then went into town to check it out.  There’s really not much in Rawlins.  We stopped at a local deli that is going out of business next week and brought food back to the RV to eat.

Then Carol went off exploring while I rested.  The altitude here is about 7,000 feet and as noted in previous posts, I have difficulty getting enough air at altitude due to having part of a lung removed.  I have a device which clips on your finger and measures pulse and oxygen content of the blood.  Normally my reading is around 95-98 which is fairly normal.  However up here I have been measuring it and it has been as low as 89 so I try to take it easy.  My pulse is usually about 56-63 and here it is 68-73 which means it must be trying to compensate. 

Tonight we went out to dinner at a local restaurant that was in an old 1880s type house converted.  It was about the only place in town!

We raced to get back to the RV from dinner because we could see a big thunderstorm coming.  We just made it as it was starting to rain as we opened the door.  We have had several of these storms tonight already.  They start with some significant gusty winds that rock the RV.  Then the heavy rain/hail comes along with the thunder and lightning.  The storms last about 30 minutes and then all is calm for a while until the next one comes along.  Supposed to be this way tonight until midnight.

Tomorrow we leave for Evanston, WY, a distance of about 256 miles.

No pictures for today, but I thought I would leave you bloggers out there with this cute cartoon…..


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