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Sunday, July 15, 2012

A plea to the emperor of China…..

Wy-o-ming – sounds like a plea to the Ming emperor of China for an explanation of some question.  Well, I’m not sure how the state got its name, but I’m sure there is a story there somewhere.  Wyoming is the 10th largest in size of the states yet the least populated!

We had wind on the entire drive today.  Not too strong and mostly a headwind.  Also for the last 12 miles, we entered a rain shower.  Now it is raining on and off as we relax after the 208 mile drive.

The outdoor temperature has cooled down quite a bit and is now in the high 70s.  That makes it at least bearable outside.  We are still at high elevation which may account for the lower temperature.

2012-07-15 14.38.26

Here is a view through the front window out into the rain and beyond.  If you are an RVer,  you will notice that there are a lot of trees and many of them need some serious trimming!

Tomorrow we blast into and through Utah to Glenns Ferry, ID.  We are only 6 miles from the Utah border so we will get there quickly!  We drove through Glenns Ferry two years ago during our 6 week Grand Circle trip so it will be interesting to see if it has changed.  It is 311 miles which is the longest of the homeward legs of our trip.  We have over 2,000 miles on the RV now on this trip alone and a little over 800 more to go before we are home.

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